Thursday, November 17, 2011

Genuine- A Bond Still Strong LP + The Pessimist Project 7"

Year: 1998
A Bond Still Strong Tracklist:
1. Wash Out With The Tide (Aaron Edge)
2. Dry, Erase (Tory O'Donnell, Left With Nothing)
3. Shattered And Shine (John Pettibone, Undertow/Himsa)
4. Shattered And Shine (John Pettibone, Undertow/Himsa)
5. Regress (Shay of Langley)
6. One Up On You (Aaron Edge)
7. Stand Alone (Greg Bennick, Trial/Beneath Earth and Sky)
8. 24 (Jason Kolins, Burden)
9. Forced (Myron Mejia, Mourn the Sun)
10. Reduce Half Size (John Pettibone, Undertow/Himsa)
11. All That Is Not Yours (Aaron Edge)
12. Clock Out (Tory O'Donnell, Left With Nothing)
13. NWHC (Jason Kolins, Burden)
14. Grateful (Dave Larson, Screwjack, Excursion Records)
15. A Bond Still Strong (Aaron Edge)
The Pessimist Project Tracklist:
1. Believe
2. Words
3. Faith
4. Take
5. Forget
6. X
Members of Trial, Harkonen, Botch, Burden, Underdow, Himsa, Left With Nothing, and more. Link from NEW WEST CREW.