Friday, October 7, 2011

ZINES: Sophisticated Leisure #1 - September 2011

Alex was kind enough to send down a copy of his zine for me to post a preview on the web and to show everyone.

Overview of what to expect:
Random photographs taken in his daily life
Rainfest 2011 Summary
Crazy Spirit/Walls/Criminal Code show review
Emerald City Comic-con
Pin Kitty (And Friends) comic
My Life To Live (Reviews, Poetry and More!)
He is currently giving away copies for NO cost, so if you want one hit him up on Facebook (linked above) and he'll send one out. I'm not sure if he has donations set up, but if he does throw a dollar or two his way if you're feeling friendly. He currently has 6 copies of the zine left in Color/Part B&W, and once those are gone he will be doing a second run in B&W only.