Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review:Code Orange Kids-Cycles 7 Inch


After an excellent demo and the digital/limited tape release "Erase Me//Embrace Me", Code Orange Kids quickly became a band to watch for myself and many others in the hardcore scene. Their debut 7 inch "Cycles" not only meets but exceeds expectations with some of the most intense and emotionally draining hardcore I have heard in some time. Falling musically between the frantic pace of Trash Talk and the sludgey crust of bands like His Hero Is Gone, these 5 songs are immaculately crafted and seamlessly move from one track to the next, meant to be taken at once as a one wholly intense piece of music. The first 4 tracks blaze by with faster passages leading into crushingly heavy breakdowns that would hardly sound out of place in a doom metal song. The 5th and last song on this record is an entirely different beast in itself, with a ridiculously heavy and slow passage leading into an emotional buildup of vocals and guitar that could channel early 90's screamo, eventually leaving nothing but vocals until it breaks out into one of the heaviest and most intense moments on a record that isn't short on either. Fans of heavy metallic hardcore should look no further then the links below to both stream and purchase this outstanding 7 inch release. After listening to this record nonstop most of the day I am confident it will end being one of my favorites released this year, and I am beyond eager for their upcoming US tour, not to mention whatever they plan to release next. Most definitely a band to keep your eye on.

Stream the entire EP at Toxicbreeds Funhouse
Purchase "Cycles" from Mayfly Records