Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review: Disapproval- Demo & Split with Losin' It

Disapproval is an up and coming new hardcore band from Southern California, playing a style much in vein of Think I Care and Meltdown yet can also have some similarities with Backtrack and other bands of the sort. While I am writing this review some what biased since Jesse and I go back to his days in Bottomfeeder and I’ve also been a fan of Offtrack, I will say that Disapproval combines what I liked about both bands and ups it even more. The band really captures the Think I Care sound on their newest songs from the split on Dimlight Records with Florida’s Losin’ It (who play youth crew hardcore in vein of Mental, Jaguarz and other Lockin' Out greats), these 3 originals and a Papsmear cover are my favorite by the group. Lyrics pertaining to hatred for current trends within the hardcore scene are apparent in “Dogtags” and the gang problem within “Mentiras” are common themes that Jesse seems to write about. The bands previous release, a 4 song demo tape out on Ride The Fury records also demonstrates that the band is one to be on the look out for with such bangers as “No Reward” which will have you banging your head and Murdario Stomping to the Disapproval Youth Authority groove. Get into it and maybe you’ll be in the thank you section of the next Disapproval Info. Zine.

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