Wednesday, October 26, 2011

“Must Hear” Bands Of 2011

Every year we try to compile some sort of list for people to check out new bands. Last year we did our favorite release(s) of 2010 and that seemed to go over well. This year on the other hand we will be doing a long list (with audio samples) of about 15 “must hear” bands for everyone to check out. The list below is opinion based, so don’t get butthurt if your favorite band isn’t included. 

Code Orange Kids (Mayfly Records)
Wreck (Mind Melt)
Revenge (Frequency Deleted Records)
Full Of Hell (A389 Records)
Homewrecker (A389 Records)
Doubledealer (6131/Harvcore Records)
Losing Skin (Deadhorse Imprint)

Plagues [CA] (Unsigned)
Hordes (King Of The Monsters Records)
Unrestrained [PDX] (Trip Machine Laboratories)
Villain (Shoe City Records)
Masakari (Halo Of Flies/Southern Lord Records)
Withdrawal (A389 Records)
Power (Twelve Gauge Records)
Ancient Shores (A389 Records)