Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review:Witch-Lord-Atomized In The Black Solarian


Here we have another project featuring members (or a member moreover) from the infamous Gehenna. But while Penetration Panthers leaned more towards the punk side of the spectrum, Witch-Lord is 4 tracks of raw, crushing stoner/doom metal. I must applaud the band for the effectively raw recording of the record as well as the fact that there is no filler to be found in these songs, something I feel many bands of this genre rely on to an unfortunate degree. It didn't take many listens for these ridiculously heavy riffs to get stuck in my head. The vocals and drums are solid but the simple yet catchy guitarwork is the true star of the show here. Fans of genre standards such as Electric Wizard, Iron Monkey and Sleep should take note as this record will no doubt have you reaching for your bong, provided you can stop headbanging long enough to use it.

Favorite Song:Bones Are Left

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