Monday, August 22, 2011

Review: Always Try- Demo 2011

Always Try is a new Youth Crew band hailing from Southern California whose sound ranges from early Lockin Out bands to bands like Turning Point, Bold and Youth of Today. Having recently released their demo which is being put on tape by Learn To Trust records, this band has a lot of potential within the 5 songs clocking in under 8 minutes of play time. The lyrics are reminiscent of most youth crew bands but the sound is a bit different since it seems to be a more aggressive approach at the style. If anyone is a fan of FocusedxMinds, Stop & Think and Step Forward then this band will probably be for you. Also it’s been a while since Southern Cali had a Youth Crew band come out from here (Minority Unit aside).

Rating: 4/5 (has a lot of potential, will deffinitely be looking out for the next release)

Favorite Songs: End Today, Undoubtedly

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