Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Crucified- Dead of Sleep

If you live in California then you probably already know of the amazing tunes that the guys in Crucified produce, if you’re not from the area and have been sleeping on the band then shame on you. After putting out what I think was one of the albums of the year last year, the band has returned with a new 7” consisting of 4 of the bands best material, both lyrically and musically. Still continuing with the “Birth Is Pain” era Ringworm and “God Hates Us All” era Slayer sound, Dead of Sleep starts off abruptly with the title track and sets the tone of the next songs with the usual theme of night terrors, delusion, paranoia and self loathing. Each song then seems to play off the last one until it ends with “Apathy” which is the opposite of how these songs make me feel, since they are packed with everything that someone into hardcore, crossover, thrash or even metal can enjoy. Crucified is one band that just keeps evolving on each release, making songs that are relentless and yet seemingly continue to keep up the same ideas that they have set in previous releases lyrically. Nick R. and the guys have really outdone themselves this time and I would recommend picking this up when you can and if you live in California, go out and see them with Incendiary and Sleep Walkers next week.

Rating 5/5
Favorite Song: Unworthy