Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review:Withdrawal-Faith, Flesh And Blood


I was extremely stoked to get to review this release, being a big fan of Withdrawal's last release "Unknown Misery" and their brand of heavy hardcore not unlike All Out War, Integrity and Ringworm. The new material featured on this EP is far and wide the band's best and fiercest output to date, featuring 4 (3 on the vinyl, 1 extra track on the digital copy) tracks of scathing metallic hardcore. Memorable and crushing riffs are everywhere the be found on this record, playing with an energy and urgency most newer bands aping this style could only dream of achieving. With this 7 Inch/EP, Withdrawal are bound to gather much well deserved attention. Fans of metallic hardcore and especially the heyday of 90's era metalcore take note:this isn't something you are going to want to miss.

Favorite Track:Blood Law
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