Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Review-Unlearn- Self Titled

On Unlearn's debut 7 inch Extinction they serve up 5 tracks of solid metal influenced hardcore with a heavy 90's influence. While nobody is going to get an award for originality here, thats not really necessary when you have the killer riffs, scathing vocals and solid songwriting presented on this record. Another highlight here are the lyrics that the band so kindly sent in with the record to review. Here are the lyrics from my favorite track on the record "Everyday America"

"It's all a joke, a fun house mirror image. Fat and bloated, twisted and broken.
A nation of children, lazy, complacent and content to suffer.
No Flags. No Wars. No Resistance. Not on your life.
A parody, a fucking blight. Dead weight to the world.
You lie in a bed of ash. Your time will come. You lie in a bed of ash and your world will burn."

As a big fan of lyrics that get straight to the point, I was a big fan of the content within. This is an extremely promising debut 7 inch from a band that is hopefully just getting started, and fans of metallic hardcore would do good to check out the streaming songs below.

Favorite Tracks:Everyday America

Stream 2 songs from the record on Stereokiller.com
Preorder the record at RDGrecords here