Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Revhq- Summer 2011 Sampler

Year: 2011
1. Powerwolves- You Won't Find Peace (Panic Records)
2. Hellhorse- Pig (Twelve Gauge Records)
3. Power- Singing And Screaming (Twelve Gauge Records)
4. Forty Winters- Abominable Times (Dead Truth Recordings)
5. By A Thread- Between The Takes (Revelation Records)
6. Absolution- Armed With Anger (Livewire Records)
7. Skull Crusher- Ice Age (Livewire Records)
8. Sick Of It All- Death Or Jail (Think Fast!/Century Media)
9. Ghost Thrower- I Never Damned You (Equal Vision Records)
10. Take Offense- Power In Our Hands (Reaper Records)
11. Run With The Hunted- Magna Cum Laude (Panic Records)
12. All Teeth- Oh Disposable Me (Panic Records)
13. Late Nite Wars- Bones (Panic Records)
14. The Saddest Landscape- So Lightly Thrown (Panic Records)
15. Revenge- Sleep Deprivation (Frequency Deleted)
16. Boys No Good- Never Felt Better (Indianola Records)
17. Casey Jones- Hammer The Nails (The First Division)
18. This Routine Is Hell- The Weight Of Defeat (Get Outta Town Records)
19. Raindance- Riverbed (Glory Kid Records)
20. Hammerfist- Climbing Knife Mountain (Ghost Town)
21. Smoke And Mirrors- Dr. Doom (Path Less Traveled / Superhero)
22. Counterpunch- March Of The Paper Tiger (Go-kart Records)
23. Anchor- Atlantis (State Of Mind)
24. Reviver- Undefined (State Of Mind)
25. Soldiers- Unscarred (State Of Mind)
26. Compound- Just One (State Of Mind)
27. This Day Will Tell- Sweet Dreams, Meet You There (Indianola Records)
28. Make It Reign- Kiss The Dead (Dead Truth Recordings)
29. Down To Nothing- Where It Went (JUDGE) (Revelation Records)
30. Dusted Angel- Seeking The Dawn (Mankind)
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