Monday, June 13, 2011

Morne- Asylum

Year: 2011
Quality: VBR (V0)
1. Asylum
2. Edge Of The Sky
3. Nothing To Remain
4. I Will See You
5. Killing Fields
6. My Return
7. Volition
"Entitled 'asylum', this Boston contingent have been known (in their somewhat-short career) to create some of the heaviest, most absorbing, and overwhelming sounds in heavy music. Sounds that mirror the vibe bands like NEUROSIS had back in their 'souls at zero' days. It didnt take long for MORNE to become a notable force within the modern-day crust and hardcore-punk movement. Nonetheless, 'asylum' is MORNE's heaviest, most atmospheric and cinematic sonic offering to date. While still maintaining the bands crust, hardcore, and post-metal leanings, 'asylum' sees the band delve more into genres such as progressive-metal and prog-rock."