Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Holy Roar Records Presents: HOLY HELL SUMMER SAMPLER

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Rosa Valle- Mathemagician
2. Slabdragger- Erroneous Maximus
3. Witch Cult- Burn
4. The Ergon Carousel- Dead Banks
5. Self Loathing- Cut
6. Crossbreaker- Time Is Making Fools of Us
7. Rolo Tomassi- ...And Then The Mannequin Spoke
8. Antares- to youth and valour
9. Pariso- The Recluse
10. Kerouac- Fiends
11. Make Do And Mend- Nights The Only Time of Day
12. Grazes- Observers Paradox
13. Jackals- Mob Mentality
14. End Reign- Abyss
15. Eisberg- Salt In The Wound
16. Brutality Will Prevail- Heavy Eyes
17. Daggers- Axes
18. Brontide- Jura
19. Gallops- Eukodol
20. Hang The Bastard- The Great Devourer
21. Abolition- Shadow
22. Cthulhu Youth- Free Music For Poor Punx