Sunday, June 5, 2011

Civil Victim- No False Hope

Year: 2011
Quality: VBR (V0)
1. Personal Riot
2. Puppet Existence
3. Where's The Healing
4. Vanished
5. Sorry For Being Broke
6. Room Full Of Christians
7. The Great Surrender
8. Workmares
9. They're Coming For You
10. Leather Jacket Crew
11. Supplied Self Destruction
12. No False Hope
"After three insane EPs and a compilation tape last year, heres finally the first full length LP of Konstanz hardcore punx CIVIL VICTIM! Fast and angry straight-into-your-face 80s hardcore punk from the Reagon Era. BLACK FLAG, SS DECONTROL and POISON IDEA already sent their regards and even nowadays, Civil Victim belongs to one of the greatest hc-punk bands around, besides bands like SNIFFING GLUE or SHORT FUSE."