Monday, May 2, 2011

Review:Pala-We Don't Exist

On their full length debut, Baltimore Maryland's PALA deliver a melting pot of several different sounds that all somehow come together to form a surprisingly cohesive mix. You can hear elements of hardcore, screamo and stoner metal on this record, but this doesn't sound like a band that threw together their songs at random, these are cohesive and extremely well written jams. While the faster hardcore songs on this album are awesome, in my opinion the band really takes it up a notch when they break out into slower passages, some containing riffs that sound downright ethereal/hypnotic. This mix of genres fuses to create an album that stands out as being extremely fresh to these ears, and highly recommended. Fans of newer hardcore/screamo acts such as Capsule, Comadre and Furnace owe it to themselves to check this out, as you may have found yourself a new favorite band.

Favorite Tracks:Inside Of, The Singularity
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