Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Balance and Composure- Separation

Balance and Composure have done it again, proved to me that they can create even more mindfully catchy and amazingly structured songs. Keeping in mind that I just went to see them tonight, I’ll still say that Separation far surpassed anything I had in mind for this band and then some, no song feels like a filler song and each one compliments the next. What is interesting about Balance and Composure is that they have three guitarists to make this trifecta of amazing melody and harmony that works perfectly together. I am even sad to say that this has now one upped Title Fight’s Shed in my eyes and will be on rotation for the next few weeks or so. Please go out and buy this record or go out to see them with The Dear Hunter and Dregd.

Rating: 6/5 (record is pretty much all that I wanted from a Balance and Composure full length)

Favorite Song: The whole album.

Pre-orders are sold out but look for it from the No Sleep Records Store