Saturday, May 14, 2011

React Records- Summer 2011 Sampler

Year: 2011
1. Skin Like Iron- Consequences (From: Arrival; pre-orders start 5/23)
2. Rearranged- Disengage Now (From: S/T; pre-orders start 5/23)
3. Praise- Autumn (From: Two Songs)
4. Get the Most- Think it Through (From: S/T)
5. Noose- Fuck Art, No Respect (From: It's Your Time)
6. Clearsight- Fraud (From: Demo)
7. Common Cause- Those Days (From: S/T)
8. Remission- Isolation (From: Winds of Promise)
9. Not Sorry- Tipping Point (From: Our Choices)
10. Give- Heaven is Waiting (From: Heaven in Waiting)
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