Friday, May 6, 2011

Haust- Ride The Relapse

Year: 2008
Quality: VBR
1. Success
2. Desperate Living
3. White Trash Extravaganza
4. The Artist and His Dog
5. Ugly Fucking Oslo
6. Itch
7. Repeat Repeat
8. The Filth
9. Ride the Relapse
10. You're Very Talented But You're a Hippie
11. Mockingbird
12. She's a Car Crash
13. Sunny Day

HAUST is a four-piece punk band located in Oslo, Norway. Haust finds inspiration in the first generation of norwegian black metal, negative (and some positive) punk and hardcorebands, Horror films and 70s trash cinema, Julia Kristevas essay on abjection, skateboard culture and the small town Notodden in Telemark where they grew up.