Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Losing Skin- Old Wounds

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Iron Rain
2. Iron Reign
3. My Mind is a Steel Trap
4. Lament Configuration
5. I Am Ruin
6. Nails
7. The Mirror Reflects
Losing Skin are a metallic hardcore band and began on May 30th, 2009. Based out of Spokane, WA, they feature former members of Behold and Whalelimb.

Paper Trail - Never Stops EP

Bandcamp - Facebook
Year: 2011
1. Never Stops
2. Pinned Up
3. Survival
4. Paper Trail
get it HERE!

Seraphim- The Light In The Distance

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Growing Apart
2. Frustrations
3. The Dust Filled Our Lungs
4. Empty Sea
5. Without A Soul
6. The Light in the Distance
7. Following
8. Sleepless
9. This Distance Loves My Loneliness
"Lets face it, to say that as the years have gone on the whole Neurosis/Isis/ETC style of "post-metal" music has been aped by hundreds of bands and to say that particular subgenre of music has become stale would be beating a dead horse at this point. It seems like no matter how many bands put out records like this, they always seem to boil down to pale imitations of the real thing. Seraphim has not only dispelled this preconception, they have raised the bar. After releasing a promising demo and 3 song 7 inch, they have released their incredible 8 song LP and the time and effort they spent on crafting this masterpiece definitely shows. Crushing heavier sections blend seamlessly into hypnotic psychedelic guitar riffs and breathtaking acoustic passages. It helps that they are backed by an amazing recording as well. Seraphim were always a very promising band but this LP finds a band coming into their own and proving that their songwriting chops are not something to be taken lightly. Fans of the aforementioned bands and the genre of metal in general would be doing a great disservice to themsleves if they don't check out and ultimately pick up this record. It won't be long before Seraphim is mentioned alongside bands like Baroness, Kylesa, Torche as heavyweights in the forefront of metal. I cannot recommend this album enough." -Words Of Evil

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sabertooth Zombie- Dent Face

Year: 2008
Quality: VBR (V0)
1. Campaign
2. Deep
3. Dent Face
4. Meal Ticket
5. This Young Earth
6. That Fleeting Feeling

Sabertooth Zombie- The Only Good Politician is a Dead Politician

Year: 2005
Quality: VBR (V0)
1. Fragments
2. Eat And Shit
3. Mind Fuck Infection
4. Get Bent
5. Giant
6. Out
"Sabertooth Zombie is a hardcore band from Rohnert Park, CA. They have a myriad of different influences which all come together to deliver a thundering orgasm-inducing aural assault in your mouth. Drawing influences from Punk, Metal, and Hardcore Punk fusions, their sound is unmistakable, one of a kind, and sorely ahead of its time."

Another Mistake- Lies For Lust Demo

Year: 2011
Quality: VBR
1. Obsession With Extremes
2. Lies For Lust
3. Open Forum
4. Natural Instinct

Friday, May 27, 2011

Always Try- Demo

Year: 2011
1. Intro
2. Lighten Up
3. End Today
4. Fade Away
5. Undoubtedly

Alaskan- Adversity; Woe

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Realisation
2. Congonhas
3. Disruption
4. Atarau
5. Atlas Creek
6. Interruption
7. Mecca
Alaskan is an Atmospheric Post-Metal band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Featuring members of The Vanishing Act, Whale Cry, Elephantoms, Motivator & The Wishlist.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Men-Leave Home

Band Blogspot
1.If You Leave...
7.Shittin' With The Shah
8.Night Landing

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Wow, this is one hell of a record. The Men encompass many different sounds/genres so it's kind of hard for me to fully describe it and I'm not going to bother, just check it out.

Soul Search- New Track

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Stuck
Track will be featured on the bands debut EP entitled "Bury The Blame" due out on Triple B Records this summer. This is NOT a webrip, so if you got the horrible 128kbps webrip please redownload the single.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pala- We Don't Exist

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. He Who Will Protect Us All
2. Don't Ever Think You're In Control
3. These Weights
4. Inside Of
5. Sure To Burn
6. Phase In, Phase Out
7. Where It Comes From And What It Does
8. The Singularity

"On their full length debut, Baltimore Maryland's PALA deliver a melting pot of several different sounds that all somehow come together to form a surprisingly cohesive mix. You can hear elements of hardcore, screamo and stoner metal on this record, but this doesn't sound like a band that threw together their songs at random, these are cohesive and extremely well written jams. While the faster hardcore songs on this album are awesome, in my opinion the band really takes it up a notch when they break out into slower passages, some containing riffs that sound downright ethereal/hypnotic. This mix of genres fuses to create an album that stands out as being extremely fresh to these ears, and highly recommended. Fans of newer hardcore/screamo acts such as Capsule, Comadre and Furnace owe it to themselves to check this out, as you may have found yourself a new favorite band." -Words Of Evil

Monday, May 23, 2011

Not Afraid- Be Yourself EP

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Two Ways
2. Get Behind
3. Am I Wrong
4. Be Yourself
5. The Other Side
6. Not Afraid

"Not Afraid is the new belgian hardcore sensation featuring ex members of Justice and True Colors ( Paco's still on the mic). They got together and started belting out songs, playing hardcore the way they have always loved it. There's hints of that early 80's rage, late 80's power and even some early 90's melody but all in all it is safe to say that genuine passion and raw energy is what ties it all together. The 'Be Yourself' EP features Not Afraid's first batch of songs and by the looks of things we can only expect great things from them in the future." -Straight And Alert

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Goodbye Cruel World- Demo

Year: 2011
Quality: 160
1. Letting Go
2. Another Fake
3. I Won't Be Wrong
4. The World Moves Fast
Very impressed with this demo, do not sleep on it.

Beau Navire-Hours

2.The Looking Glass
3.A Book, A Mind
4.Reinventing The Wheel
5.Respire (Meta)
6.Cloud City
7.It's Not An Art, It's A Myth
8.Bare Trees
9.Lost And Leaving
11.Solemn Moon
13.Respire (Sync)

-Link removed by band request, it will get reposted sometime next month (June). In the meantime stream the record HERE.-
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Wow, this band's last EP "Life Moves" was pretty promising, but this LP is a huge step up. Beau Navire are a fairly new screamo band from Oakland,California. Highly recommended for fans of Ampere, Loma Prieta, and Pianos Become The Teeth. Currently it is not released in the US so keep watch for that.

Unrestrained- Screaming For A Life Worth Living 7"

Year: 2009
Quality: VBR (V0)
1. The Mammal In Man
2. Self Destruct
3. Viewing Through Shattered Images
4. Scrutiny
"Unrestrained is a 5 piece hardcore band from Portland, OR. Drawing influence from 90’s hardcore, and early punk and metal, Unrestrained often get compared to the likes of Undertow, Threadbare, Strain and Unbroken."

1994!/Algernon Cadwallader/Snowing/Boys and Sex- Split

Year: 2011
Quality: 160kbps
1. 1994!- Proper J
2. Snowing- Big Weed
3. Boys and Sex- High Notes
4. Algernon Cadwallader- (Na Na Na Na) Simulation
and if you like it, BUY IT!
"1994!, Algernon Cadwallader, and Snowing are touring the USA and beyond this summer (Boys and Sex will be at home, not doing anything). This 7" has a new song from each band. Support their tour: go see them and pick up a record, or order one here!"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Incendiary/Unrestrained- Split 7"

Year: 2011
Quality: VBR (V0)
1. Incendiary - Head In Check
2. Incendiary - Cold War
3. Unrestrained - 80k
4. Unrestrained - Deconstructing


Year: 2011
Quality: 192kbps
1. Deeper
2. Bleak
3. Revelations
4. Drag
5. Disgust
6. Ruin
"Formed in the winter of 2010 featuring members of Druids, Knuckled Down, Plague City, and Nothing To Nothing."

Friday, May 20, 2011

Truth- Demo

Year: 2011
1. Speak the Truth
2. Myself
3. The Right Mind
4. Moving On
5. How Long Will It Take
6. Meaning
7. Nailed to the X (BOLD cover)
"A band with four dudes who are committed to their convictions and play fast, straight forward, positive music. Drawing influence from bands such as Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, BOLD, Side By Side, Chain of Strength,Wide Awake, Unit Pride, Straight Ahead, DYS, Uniform Choice, Alone in a Crowd, Confront, Fastbreak, Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes, The First Step and many more, they are trying to make a positive impact and leave their mark on the scene."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Palehorse - Soft As Butter; Hard As Ice

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Skip to the end
2. South London, where dreams are allowed to breathe
3. Shit Columbo
4. I wish I could go back and do all this again
5. Probably won't do that live
6. Don't come knocking when i'm listening to Dokken
7. Challenge Hanukkah
8. Fill your ears with wax
9. How to avoid huge riffs
10. Morbid Angel delight

And now for something completely different. I believe some people were looking for this. Excellent sludge/doom from the UK.

Illustrations - In Darkness, All Colors Agree

In Darkness, All Colors Agree
01. In Darkness, All Colors Agree
02. Runaway
03. Surrender
if you like it.. they are recording soon for a split with

Junior Bruce- Demo

Year: 2010
Quality: 192kbps
1. The Headless King
2. Church Burner
3. Book of Tyrants
A389 welcome’s Florida’s JUNIOR BRUCE to our never ending list of awesome bands. You may remember the band’s frontman Scott Angelecos from a band called BLOODLET perhaps? No time for nostalgia tho, JUNIOR BRUCE is on a whole different trip playing equal parts dirty 70s stoner riffs fused with traditonal 80s metal influences.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ruckus- Of Malice And Man Promo Tape

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Human Pollution
2. True Testament
3. I Against I (Bad Brains)
4. Damn Age
5. Dead Weight
6. Victim In Pain (Agnostic Front)
Thanks to "P.D" for the rip. Promo for the bands upcoming LP entitled "Of Malice And Man". "Ruckus (Los Angeles, not to be confused with the other Nu-Metal esque band with the same name) Is a heavy hardcore band. They’ve got an EP, a 2 song sampler, and a split with Xibalba/World of Pain under their belt, and they’re undergoing writing for their debut LP."

Apart- Only Revolutions

Year: 2011
Quality: 160kbps
1. Make Not A Single Sound Amongst Saints
2. The Wild and Outraged Earth
3. A House of Many Windows
4. The Frailty of Everything
5. Now Call Down Your Dark and Your Cold, and be Damned
"Apart is an 'emotional/melodic hardcore' band from Greenville, South Carolina playing a mix of older screamo and contemporary hardcore. Only Revolutions was recorded by Michael York of Pianos Become the Teeth during a cold, snowy weekend in Baltimore, MD. "

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Junkyard Dogs - Demo 2009

Year: 2009
1. Reap What You Sow
2. All Seeing Eye
3. Word To The Wise
4. Hard Head
get it HERE!

Iron Chic- (Cosmic) Future

Year: 2011
Quality: VBR
1. (Cosmic) Future
2. Langoliers
3. Jet Ski (Bikini Kill)
"Iron Chic is a melodic punk band from Huntington Station, New York. The band features former Latterman members Phil Douglas and (until 2009) Brian Crozier as well as members of: Small Arms Dealer, Jonesin’, Get Bent and Capital."

Monday, May 16, 2011

Power- Death Haunts EP

Year: 2011
Quality: VBR
1. Death Haunts
2. Footprints
3. Quarters, Nickels and Dimes
4. Black Eyes
5. Daughters
6. Singing and Screaming
7. C.R.E.A.M
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Black God-S/T 7 Inch

1.Fundamental Headwalker
2.Get Ready
4.No Channels
5.This Life

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Awesome Punk/Hardcore featuring members of Black Cross and Coliseum. Basically picture a continuation of Black Cross and you have got a good idea of how awesome this band is. Highly recommended for fans of either of the above mentioned bands and Louisville hardcore/punk in general. Thanks to the always awesome Elementary Revolt for the original link to this.

Abraxis - Self Titled

Year: 2009
1. Introduction Of The Kataklysm
2. Destined To Fire
3. Hunting In Sin
4. Abraxas Annihilation
5. I Hope To Die
6. Demonation, I Am
7. The Shining
8. Crushing Life (The Kataklysm)
get it HERE!
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Harm's Way- Live on Harsh Distractions

Year: 2009
Quality: 320kbps
1. Intro Music/Darwin
2. Fantasy
3. Puppet
4. Interlude
4. Warriors Will Reign
Radio show is one continuous track. Take the ultra-violence of A Clockwork Orange, mixed with the scathing, nihilistic and punishing sounds of Carcass and you'll start to get the idea of what Harms Way is trying to achieve.

Ruined Tongue- All Of My Bad Habits

Year: 2011
Quality: 192kbps
1. Son Of A Biker/Ghost Rider
2. Summer Gorillas
3. Cave Kid
4. Daylight Wastings
5. Depression
Ruined Tongue takes a departure from melodic hardcore on this release to experiment with faster tempo riffs, technical bass lines, and powerful drumming. Eric’s lyrics are carefully written and some of the best I’ve heard in hardcore recently. No amount of talent is spared on this release yet you can tell the band has room to grow.

Famine- Shadows of the Past

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Shadows of the Past (I)
2. Mission Statement
3. Honesty
4. Greif
5. White Lines
6. Dead End
7. On the Clock
8. Shadows of the Past (II)
9. Regret
10. Better Men
Irish band, for fans of Have Heart, Verse and MLIW.

Deadlined- Self Titled EP

Year: 2011
Quality: 192kbps
3.Sea of Change
4.Dead Ends
7.Breaking Away
8.When Things Go Wrong(Outburst)
Get It NOW!
and if you like it, BUY IT!
Chula Vista Hardcore, featuring former members of Tantive-IV, Stopping Power, & Down Again.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

React Records- Summer 2011 Sampler

Year: 2011
1. Skin Like Iron- Consequences (From: Arrival; pre-orders start 5/23)
2. Rearranged- Disengage Now (From: S/T; pre-orders start 5/23)
3. Praise- Autumn (From: Two Songs)
4. Get the Most- Think it Through (From: S/T)
5. Noose- Fuck Art, No Respect (From: It's Your Time)
6. Clearsight- Fraud (From: Demo)
7. Common Cause- Those Days (From: S/T)
8. Remission- Isolation (From: Winds of Promise)
9. Not Sorry- Tipping Point (From: Our Choices)
10. Give- Heaven is Waiting (From: Heaven in Waiting)
Sent in by the label.

Friday, May 13, 2011

End Times- Demo

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Cosmic
2. Dweller
3. Pestilence
4. Anguish

Birds Out: Thrashin' Victim

1. Let It Die - Steadfast
2. The Afternoon Gentlemen - Boozejoogler
3. Beartrap - Nailed Shut
4. The Atrocity Exhibit - It's Impossible To Keep A Bodycount
5. Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair - Mike Myers Thinks He Can Do A Scottish Accent, But He Can't
6. Atomgevitter - Alba Uber Alles
7. Rape Whistle - The Indisputable Right Of A Submental Retard To Violate One's Dearly Beloved Spouse Because Of Her Penchant For Hair Metal
8. Joe Pesci - Project 2501
9. Korrozao - Extinção Humana
10. No Coast - Make Out With All Your Brothers
11. Jackie Onassis - Sniper
12. Closure - Sada Abe
13. Chainsaw To The Face - Purgatorial Existence
14. Burt - Accident Au Cinema
15. Eyes Peeled - 666.3
16. Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man - Felch Death Fuck Storm
17. Sufferinfuck - Fuck Work
18. Elasticdeath - Imperialist Bloodshed
19. Clocked Out - Who Gives A Shit
20. SFN - Purge
21. Genetic Mutation - Death Chapel
22. Fuck Right Off - Won't Be Phased
23. Katma - Zivotinja
24. The Atrocity Exhibit - Scissors
26. Bumilingus - I Wanna Eat Somebody's Poo (WASP cover)

Just Die!- A Momentary Lapse In Positive Thinking

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Dead Horse
2. I'll Be Damned
3. A Momentary Lapse In Positive Thinking
4. Impossible
5. Play The Hero
6. War Memorial
7. Did I Ever (Stand By Me)
8. Rest of My Life
9. Straight To Voicemail
10. These Words

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In Desperation- Self Titled

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Cancer In the Flock
2. Cell Five
3. Luke Rhinehart Syndrome
4. Bookburner
5. Life On Overdraft
6. The Watcher
7. White Light
8. Resisted Incubation
9. Seafarer
"In Desperation is a type of band that will appeal to a diverse audience of listeners. Although relatively young, they have already developed name for themselves for keeping their hardcore full of passion and energy. Their music is edgy and agressive, but still as catchy as it gets. Whether you like to bust some heads in the moshpit or just looking for a listening enjoyment, don't be sleeping on them!" -Hardboiled Zine

Monday, May 9, 2011

Oblivion- Haunt EP

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Cleanse
2. Friend
3. Erased
4. Dim

Goldust/Curbbite- Split

Year: 2011
1. Goldust- Arasitic Dysfunction
2. Goldust- Gray Haze | Twilight Years
3. Curbbite- Neurotic Angst
4. Curbbite- Opposite Hand
5. Curbbite- Kingdom Come
Goldust tracks are unlabeled, you will have to add the track and artist name.

Interview: Julian Berman (Photographer/OFWGKTA)

Hey dude how’s it going, first off I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to answer some questions for us.
Whatup Wayne! Thank you for giving me the pleasure of being included on the site.

Can you give our readers a small introduction since some may not be familiar with you or your work?
A small introduction..... hah. I'm nineteen years old, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I am a photographer, hardcore enthusiast, tee shirt junkie, straightedge, miserable college student. You have probably seen me at a variety of shows throughout LA, or may have seen my photos of Tyler The Creator / Odd Future, who are my main dudes to photograph.

How were you introduced into the Photography field?
I got sucked into Photography the summer coming into 11th grade. I decided to take up some photo classes after always showing interest in Skateboard Photography and reading countless Thrasher mags. I figured, why not fill in some elective credits, maybe get a cool camera, and actually benefit towards the skate sessions. Little did I know that it would soon become my passion and or trade.

What was your first camera set-up and do you have any memorable moments using said camera?
My first camera was a Nikon D60. I was so stoked on it, but at the same time incredibly overwhelmed as I had never used an SLR before. I was quick to get rid of it after about 6 months so nothing that notable went down. I did tend to set my ISO (for those who are not familiar with camera terms, it is basically a value that corresponds with the amount of light that comes in...) to a ridiculously high number, something like 3200 ISO at all times. I noticed my photos were incredibly grainy and nowhere near sharp, and I was determined that the camera was broken. Hahahaha.

What is your current set-up and how hard was the transition from your 1st camera to your current set up?
Currently, I have a bunch of cameras that I am working with. A Hasselblad 500CM and a Mamiya 7 are my primary choices, both Medium Format film cameras. I've got a Contax T2 which is a dope little film point and shoot, and of course the Nikon D90 and the entire digital/flash setup which has been putting in work lately. Coming from the first little setup, this is a HUGE upgrade. These are some of the best film cameras EVER made, and I am incredibly honored to have them in my possesion. Shooting film definitely took some time to learn, and definitely plenty of money, but it is all so worth it in the end. Shoot more film dudes!

When walking into a shoot (Live or Controlled Set) do you have a different approach on how you shoot and the style you’re trying to portray on the final products?
Photoshoots and projects all have their own approaches. If I am shooting a show (which I rarely do these days), It is a bit of luck-of-the-draw in terms of light, composition, crowd interaction, whatever. It is difficult to work with the light in a lot of venues, so I usually try to stay away from that. Planned shoot wise, definitely some thinking to be done.... First of all must think if I want to shoot film, or does the client need the images instantly, therefore digital. Setting, time of day, color balance, and composition of the image all come in to play, mostly trying to work with whatever the subject thinks would benefit them best...
If you had a choice would you rather shoot live gigs or would you rather shoot in a controlled set environment?
I'd definitely DEFINITELY prefer to shoot in a controlled environment, or just somewhere in which I have adequate constant light that I can take advantage of. It is so hard to shoot most shows due to strobe lights and contrasting colors, that is probably why a lot of people tend to shoot in Black and White. It is a bit difficult to just have overall control of how a show will go down, so I tend to stay away from that. Besides, being a stage potato is no fun!
Now onto Odd Future, how did you come into contact with the group originally?
I met the Odd Future dudes in 2009. Met Taco in High School, and Tyler through Hypebeast ages ago. We just decided to link up and shoot once for fun, hangs became more consistent, and I just became the main dude to document and photograph them over time..

When you guys originally met did you feel you were going to be apart of something as big and explosive as Odd Future has become?
We would honestly just hang out, as friends, up on Fairfax. We had a little crew going, but I would have never guessed any of us would've escalated to where we are now. Now a days, I am incredibly glad to see success all around. I'm definitely proud of my boys, as well as myself, for what we have accomplished in these past few years.
Your photos were featured in the March 2011 issue of Billboard, how did that feel not only as a group achievement but as a personal achievement?
The Billboard cover was huge, not only my first cover, but theirs as well. I think that was the second time I had ever been published, and when I was approached with the idea, I was in shock.... like really???? We shot those photos the night before the deadline, middle of the street, and as quick as possible. We got the cops called on us, we had smoke bombs, we had skateboards, and we were DEFINITELY extremely loud. It was honestly a dream come true. I am extremely proud of that cover, and still cannot believe I actually nailed it. I was a bit under pressure, but their image choice was spot on, and especially with me being extremely critical on myself, I am very pleased with the way it looks.

What are your plans in the coming months of 2011, and where do you see yourself in 2012 and beyond?
Plans for the future..... Definitely keep shooting, whether it be Odd Future, or expanding my client base to newer individuals. I'd absolutely love to travel this summer, just to explore new territories and get a jist of this world that I am living in. I have a few very exciting projects going down with OF that will be coming very soon, and possibly may tag along for a tour in the near future. I'd love to go to This is Hardcore and shoot a bit there. Ultimately, I'd love to make a career out of my photography, so I definitely need to stay on my grind and get to shooting! Who knows what the future has in store for me though, but whatever it is, I am definitely ready to tackle it...

Thanks again for taking the time to do this interview, if you have any comments or shoutouts feel free to leave them here
Shoutouts to all my family and supporters out here, my main squeeze @Coldaslucas, my favorite paisas in Soul Search, and all of the inland empire family showing great support. Shouts to Stray Rats, Dead End Path, Greg at Lockin Out, all of the dudes over at Tee Till Death, and literally everybody that has shown me some sort of positive admiration, I love you all. Also shoutouts to all of my haters on Tumblr for dropping some of the weakest hatemail I've ever seen, and B-Roll for banning me four times on the b9forums, don't hate the player hate the game dawg.

Julian's Tumblr
Odd Future

Pick Your Side - Survival Prayer

Pick Your Side is the newest project from Jeff Beckman of ex (current?) Haymaker and Left For Dead fame, and Johnny Ibay (Fuck The Facts.) Well, let me first state that I’m not 100% sure whether Haymaker is active or not. I know they started playing shows again a few months ago – I saw them at the A389 Records anniversary show in Baltimore with Integrity. But I have no idea whether they are still playing shows now or not.

Anyway, back to Pick Your Side. This band picks up right where Haymaker left off. While I’m not overly familiar with Haymaker’s discography, I’ve listened to them enough to know their sound; fast, pissed, thrashy hardcore, and that’s exactly what this is. This 7” blazes through 10 tracks in less than 11 minutes, with music and lyrics (politically and religion based) akin to Beckman’s former bands.

There are two major things I don’t like about these songs/this recording. Firstly, I’m not big on the vocals. While it still sounds like Jeff Beckman, the vocals sound so lo-fi it’s hard to tell if he’s saying actual words half the time or just groaning. Secondly, these songs are very forgettable. I can’t find one memorable riff, vocal pattern, chorus, etc. on this record.

While not bad by any means, I just find these songs a little too repetitive and uninspired to warrant repeated listens. Don’t take my word for it though, head over http://www.a389records.com/boombox.html to listen to a song from the record and maybe you’ll think differently. Oh yeah, and there is a cool Crucifucks cover at the end of this one too.

Rating: 2/5

Pick it up here

Review: Praise- Two Songs

Two Songs is the second effort from melodic hardcore band Praise, these two songs continue to progress the bands sand and establish them within the youth crew scene by combining elements of Dag Nasty, Insted, Uniform Choice and label mates Give. Both Give and Praise share the same approach on hardcore with Revolution Summer/ 80’s Youth Crew blend creating a blend of powerful and moving hardcore. The two songs while being two in a half minutes long both are completely different with “Could Have Helped” taking on the bands more common approach of melodic youth crew, while “Autumn” is a more faster paced song with much Youth Of Today, Bold approach. I would check out this album for this band is still spreading the message of positivity within the hardcore scene and using thought provoking lyrics while having a straight edge back bone.

Rating: 4/5 (This is only leaving me waiting for an LP)

Favorite song: Could Have Helped

Get it here: http://www.itstimetoreact.com/store/

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Code Orange Kids- Embrace Me // Erase Me CS

Year: 2011
Quality: 320kbps
1. Foundations Stand Still
2. Embrace Me
3. Erase Me
If you want a physical copy send an email to codeorangekids@yahoo.com - only like 40 left.
"Savage, visceral hardcore from the blossoming Pittsburgh, PA scene."

Throats- Self Titled

Year: 2010
Quality: 192kbps
1. Wake
2. My Hands Are Cold
3. Fuck Life
4. Failgiver
5. Something Low From This Way Comes
6. Oaken/Wait
Get It NOW! (Download will automatically start)

"Throats are not simply a hardcore band anymore. Bile, rage and despondency have organically mutated an already bitter and angry band into something far more extreme, reckless and dangerous. Throats have now evolved into a monster that, whilst nodding to their own past, now encompass a sound that embraces elements of Napalm Death, Rotten Sound, crust and d-beat into their stoned, cosmic riffs and breakdowns." 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review: Agitator- Walls Closing In

Ok time to give this review thing a shot, this will be my first review on this site so give me some slack.

Hailing from Eastern Pennsylvania, Aggressive Straight Edge band AGITATOR have returned with their second EP and Six Feet Under debut entitled “Walls Closing In”. Bursting onto the scene in 2009 Agitator caught the attention of Ride The Fury Records and Harvcore Records with their debut demo, which was later released by RTF on cassette. The next year (2010) marked the debut EP from the band entitled “Enter Vice Lords” which was released by the West Chester, PA based label HARVCORE.

The bands debut EP marked them as a bright and vicious band in the Pennsylvania scene, which was later embraced by Joe Hardcore when the band was asked to play the This Is Hardcore. The band’s set at TIH caught the attention of Six Feet Under Records, who came to the band about releasing a new EP in 2011.

Now onto the record itself, running at about 13 minutes in length I can honestly say this is one of the best EP’s I’ve heard this year. With the bands drastic improvement on lyrical content, riff structure, and flat out song writing I find this album is more enjoyable and “fulfilling” over their debut album. With their first record I think some people were turned off by the overwhelming sense coming off the ignorant lyrical content, but from my perspective I can say this is a leap in the right direction for the band.

If you heard the first EP and were turned off by the band, I hope you will give this band a second shot.

Rating: 4.75/5
Favorite Track: Social Chameleon
Keep an eye on http://www.sixfeetunderrecords.com/site/ for ordering information

Review: Skin Like Iron- Arrival

I’ve been a fan of Skin Like Iron since All Human Failings came out so when I was asked to review their newest album Arrival, I knew that it would continue the amazing progression the band has made between that their last album. Arrival does not disappoint at all, going from melodic tendencies to punk, to very experimental songs to even at times being unclassifiable. The musicianship on this album is also worth mentioning for the riffs on this album are much more atmospheric and yet crushing, which adds a much more dynamic element to each song as well as the dark basslines and vocal performance which will make you bang your head. The album as a whole is a lot different than anything else the band has put out and yet in my opinion is their best effort to date and most hard hitting, with no song being a filler song and the flow of the album working perfectly especially with the lyrics since they are usually told telling stories it seems to continue the natural progression of the stories. I would recommend this album for anyone who is into music from Ceremony, Lewd Acts, Pulling Teeth, Joy Division, Deafheaven and a group of other eclectic bands. Yet I would definitely pick up this album if you’ve been sleeping on Skin Like Iron since it has something anyone into hardcore can find to their likings.

Rating: 5/5 (My favorite SLI release now)

Favorite Songs: Silence Swells & Blame II

Get it here: http://www.itstimetoreact.com/store/