Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Casa de Diversion- Vol. 1

Quality: 256kbps
1. Ruckus- Destructive Criticism
2. Wreck- Nüse
3. Suburban Scum- Drifter
4. Expire- Sleep Lost
5. Xibalba- Salvation
6. Twitching Tongues- Astigmatism
7. Incendiary- Cold War
8. Dead Weight- Marine Layer
9. Sleepwalkers- Waste of Life
10. Harm's Way- Breeding Grounds
11. The Beautiful Ones- Hear Me
12. Kicked In- What's Right
13. Fingers Crossed- Throne of Judgement
14. True Life- Steal My Breath
15. Will To Die- Embers
16. Weekend Nachos- For Life
17. Picked Clean- MWP
18. FocusedxMinds- Stay Focused
19. Sorry Excuse- Mute
20. Iron Rain- Tolls
21. Doubledealer- Corrupted
22. Wrong Answer- Citizen Of Hell
23. Burdens- Final Breath
24. Product of Waste- Our Only Hope
25. Rock Bottom- Your Demise
26. Power- Daughters
27. War Hound- The Path Of The Wicked
28. Apart- The Frailty of Everything
29. Full Of Hell- Rat King
30. Lifeless- Day by Day
31. Territory- Throne
32. Oblivion- Dim
33. Troublesome- Lose Control
34. Everything Went Black- Alaskan Demons
35. Vestiges- VI
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