Thursday, March 24, 2011

Review: Foxfires-Self Titled EP

I was sent the rough mixes for this record a few months back and it absolutely blew me away. This EP features seven blistering tracks that will be done before you even know it, as it clocks in at just under ten minutes. The band features members of Four Year Strong, Last Lights and Mountain Man, but you would never know it from the sound that they produce. Think 90's hardcore meets American Nightmare, The Suicide File and even Paint It Black. Also throw a little bit of just straight up hardcore and you've got Foxfires. I personally love the way the record was recorded, because vocals groove so well together with the guitars. The EP has been available for free download via their bandcamp page for a while now but it just recently saw physical release. It will be available on tape through Where It Ends Records and the band has self released the EP on seven inch which is available to purchase at the link below.

FFO: The Suicide File, Paint It Black, Straight Up Hardcore.

Rating: 4.5/5

Favorite Tracks: Life Inferno, Dogma, Resilience On The Side Of The Road