Monday, March 21, 2011

A389 Records- MMXI Sampler

Year: 2011
1. Deathammer- In Baltimore There Is No Law
2. Ancient Shores- B.T.K.
3. Hatewaves- Poser Politics
4. Homewrecker- Internal Morgue
5. Full of Hell- Rat King
6. Pulling Teeth- From Birth
7. Pala- Don't Ever Think That You're In Control
8. Gravehill- Kill All That Lives
9. Integrity- +Orrchida
10. Seven Sisters of Sleep- Passed Out Standing
11. Weekend Nachos- Black Earth
12. Withdrawal- Rotten Hell
13. Witch-Lord- Blood Of Kali
14. Seraphim- Frustrations
15. Anne- Get It How You Live
16. Roses Never Fade- Goodbye To You
17. Mighty Sphincter- Resurrection
18. Xibalba- Bright Sun
19. Pharaoh- I Murderer, I
20. Ringworm- Voluntary Human Extinction (Live)
21. Triac- Hole
22. Rot In Hell- Erebus (Live)
23. The Love Below- Rotten Fruit From A Shitty Tree
24. Gehenna- Caveman
25. Penetration Panthers- Wasted Mind
26. Pick Your Side- Help Me Forget
27. Blind To Faith- RJ
28. Oathbreaker- Downfall
29. Creepout- War Against
30. Mindsnare- Final Call
31. Children Of God- You Will Suffer
32. Pale Creation- Bleed The Soil
33. Amen Ra- Am Kreuz
34. Integriteeth- New Manson Family
35. Shin To Shin- Drifting Away
36. Oak- Cowards & Undeserving (Part II)