Thursday, February 24, 2011

Defeater- Empty Days & Sleepless Nights

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Defeater's latest album Empty Days & Sleepless Nights starts off where the band left off with their debut album Travels , continuing the story of the two sons and their addict mother, with such lyrics as, "You touch her cold hand, your mother is gone. In front of her God, needle in her arm" (from the track At Peace). Defeater's narrative lyric styling is what separates them from a lof of bands out there now, while most bands discuss personal topics Defeater breach into a more strory telling approach in which each song is a chapter giving more insight on a character and moving the story along. The album comes to a hard-hitting conclusion with the track White Oak Doors, in which the album seemingly ends abruptly, yet that is just an end to one of the characters story. While not being a traditional hardcore band, and the album not being a traditional hardcore album, it is easy to see why Defeater are so widely accepted in the hardcore scene. Empty Days & Sleepless Nights is what the hardcore scene was in dire need of, a band with versatility for not only is this a hardcore album but it also contains 4 upbeat and catchy acoustic songs making this album one that you should not sleep on.

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Rating: 4/5
For Fans Of: Touche Amore, Killing the Dream, The Effort
Favorite Track: At Peace