Saturday, February 26, 2011

Black Freighter-Graves And Monuments

1.Graves And Monuments
3.Burden And Lust
4.Reminisence Of A Failure
5.Cold Blades
6.Black Cold
7.The Procession
9.Anchor In Blood

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Awesome blackened hardcore/sludge, thanks to musicasheroin for the original link to this. FFO:Celeste, His Hero Is Gone, Tombs

Rotten Sound- Cursed

Year: 2011
1. Alone
2. Superior
3. Self
4. Choose
5. Hollow
6. Ritual
7. Green
8. Machinery
9. Power
10. Plan
11. Declare
12. Addict
13. Exploit
14. Terrified
15. Scared
16. Doomed
Requested. Another link from Behemoth Skin.

Trap Them- Darker Handcraft

Year: 2011
1. Damage Prose
2. Slumcult & Gather
3. Every Walk a Quarantine
4. Evictionaries
5. All by the Constant Vulse
6. Sordid Earnings
7. The Facts
8. Saintpeelers
9. Manic in the Grips
10. Sovereign Through the Pines
11. Drag the Wounds Eternal
12. Scars Align
Link taken from Behemoth Skin.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Stigmata - The Calling Of The Just

Year: 1993
1. Intro
2. All of Nothing
3. Pure and Immense
4. Into Harm's Way
5. The Calling of the Just
6. A Dream of Pain and Sorrow
7. The Upheaval
8. Question Existence
9. Swing Into the Violent Age
10. Lower Face
11. Under the Black Mark
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Common Cause- Self Titled EP

Year: 2011
1. What's Right
2. False Pride
3. Those Days
4. Within Reach
5. Compassion
Link from Behemoth Skin

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Defeater- Empty Days & Sleepless Nights

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Defeater's latest album Empty Days & Sleepless Nights starts off where the band left off with their debut album Travels , continuing the story of the two sons and their addict mother, with such lyrics as, "You touch her cold hand, your mother is gone. In front of her God, needle in her arm" (from the track At Peace). Defeater's narrative lyric styling is what separates them from a lof of bands out there now, while most bands discuss personal topics Defeater breach into a more strory telling approach in which each song is a chapter giving more insight on a character and moving the story along. The album comes to a hard-hitting conclusion with the track White Oak Doors, in which the album seemingly ends abruptly, yet that is just an end to one of the characters story. While not being a traditional hardcore band, and the album not being a traditional hardcore album, it is easy to see why Defeater are so widely accepted in the hardcore scene. Empty Days & Sleepless Nights is what the hardcore scene was in dire need of, a band with versatility for not only is this a hardcore album but it also contains 4 upbeat and catchy acoustic songs making this album one that you should not sleep on.

Pick up a copy of the record here

Rating: 4/5
For Fans Of: Touche Amore, Killing the Dream, The Effort
Favorite Track: At Peace

Sent In By The Band megapost v. 3

Sleepwalkers (MA)- Your Hell Looks Like Heaven To Me

Amends- Bastard Sky EP

One To Blame- Headbang Hangover
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We Had A Deal- Three Songs

The Cold Front- Demo

Nails - Unsilent Death

I figured for my first review, I'd tackle one of my favorite LP's of last year; Unsilent Death by the Southern California band Nails. If you don't already know, Nails is the newest band from guitarist Todd Jones (Betrayed, Carry On, Internal Affairs, Terror), although Nails is a much different monster than any of his previous bands. While still a hardcore act at its core, there are very strong elements of other genres including grindcore and powerviolence.

The LP starts off with a blast and doesn't let up for its 14 minute duration. There is not a single track on this album that slows down enough for you to catch your breath, but that's not to say it's repetitive. As I stated before; while at its core Nails is a hardcore band, there are traces of early Napalm Death and Entombed in these songs.

The best part about Nails is their no bullshit approach to the music. There are no intro's, outro's, or interludes here: just fast, pissed off hardcore. The fast parts are fast, the breaks are heavy, and the lyrics are fucking pissed: "Bow to no man, no pig, no book of myths."

If you're into no frills, fast, heavy music do yourself a huge favor and check this band out.

Rating: 5/5

You can pick up a copy of the record HERE

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

War Hound- Return Of The Hardstyle EP

Year: 2011
1. Return of the Hardstyle
2. Reality Check
3. The Path of the Wicked
4. Despair
Sent in by the band. Tape will be released on Born Ill Tape shortly.

Residuals- Grief EP

Year: 2011
1. Ghostly Roots
2. Despair
3. Rupture
4. Subsistence
5. Patriarch
6. Identity
7. For Joy
8. Harpy

New WAR HOUND song

Chicago's War Hound just posted a new song up that's going to be on their upcoming EP, go listen! For fans of NYHC bands like Crown Of Thornz, Biohazard, and Madball.

Check it out here, and download their 2010 demo:

And if you want some merch:

The Afternoon Gentlemen- 2011 Tour Promo

Year: 2011
1. Good Morning Gentlemen
2. SMB
3. Boozejoogler
4. Know Harder
5. Be A Dick
6. Rusty Axe Through Aaron Turner's Head

Awesome Powerviolence band from the UK, they are gearing up for a US Tour with Chicago based Weekend Nachos. This is a Promo so more people can get in a swing of thing, since the band is pretty unknown in the US.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Night Birds- Midnight Movies EP

Year: 2011
1. Midnight Movies
2. No Way Home
3. Bad Biology
4. Triple Feature

Mission Statement- Unnatural Selection

Year: 2006
1. A Call To Farms
2. Gold To Paper TO Worth
3. We're Not Sleeping Anymore
4. Glories Of Freedom
5. Elephants Had Tusks
6. No One Cares
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Been looking for a rip of this since I started the blog, pretty much. FFO: Kid Dynamite, Paint It Black, and Good Riddance.

Summer Of Hate 2011

Wisdom In Chains, COA and Lifeless added to Summer Of Hate in Cleveland, which is happening July 9th. I'm pretty interested to hear what the Opening Ceremony is going to include.

For more info go to the Summer Of Hate Facebook

Cinder & Smoke- Nice Effort, Guys

Year: 2011
1. Looking For a Killer
2. Doppelgänger
3. Cavity
4. Bitter & "Justified"
5. The Build Up to Something Greater
6. Cardinal Points
7. Some Words
8. Godspeed and Goodnight
Sent in by the band.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hewhocorrupts - Midi Of Profits

Year: 2010
1. Master Of Profits
2. Sell 'Em All
3. One Million Dollars
4. Wall St. Revisited
5. Ride The Limo

Midi version of their classic EP "Master Of Profits". And the physical release is on a 1GB usb flash bracelet. Amazing.

Daniel Striped Tiger-No Difference

1.Ancient Future
4.Wait Outside
5.Room In The Dark
6.No Reverse
7.Miss A Go
9.Off White
10.Instruction Piece

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New LP from screamo/post hardcore band Daniel Striped Tiger. This is personally my favorite thing that I have heard from them, highly recommended.

Defeater- Empty Days & Sleepless Nights

Year: 2011
1. Warm Blood Rush
2. Dear Father
3. Waves Crash, Clouds Roll
4. Empty Glass
5. No Kind Of Home
6. White Knuckles
7. Cemetery Walls
8. Quiet The Longing
9. At Peace
10. White Oak Doors
11. But Breathing
12. Brothers
13. I Don't Mind
14. Headstone
Link taken from Behemoth Skin.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Burdens- You Can't Save Us All EP

Year: 2011
1. Bad Luck
2. Final Breath
3. I Don't Care
4. Brain Dead
5. Void

Friday, February 18, 2011

Not Sorry- Our Choices

Year: 2010
1. Intro/On Your Way
2. Tipping Point
3. Searching
4. Lives We Lead
5. Our Choices
Get It NOW! (New Link)
Support React Records and buy a copy if you enjoy it. "Seattle Straight Edge Not Sorry have completed their new EP “Our Choices”. This 5 song 7” contains what is easily the band’s best efforts to date, and start to finish this record is full of power and intensity."

Namatjira- Poetry Of The Wretched

Year: 2011
1. Poetry Of The Wretched
3. Mir Nepoznavaem I Poetomu Dolzhen Byt Unichtozhen
4. Razmyshleniya O Tom Zachem Lubit Osen
5. The Shortest Day At Konrad Fischer's Gallery
6. Monologi S Toboy
7. Monologi S Toboy chast II
8. My Zabilis V Podpole Podnimaya Kryshki Nashih Cherepov Prikreplennye Zastezhkami Molniya Chtoby Provetrit Mozgi

Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Zodiac - Soulless

Year: 2010
1. Inferno
2. Why Bother
3. The Change
4. Stepping All Over The World
5. Nonexistent
6. Fed Up
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War Hound - For The Hounds

Year: 2010
1. Call Of The Hounds
2. Demons
3. Love Sick (Crown Of Thornz)
4. Cut Short
5. Victim
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Graves At Sea- Documents Of Grief

Year: 2004
1. Red Monarch
2. Black Bile
3. Wormwood
4. Praise the Witch

Breäk- Self Titled

Year: 2011
1. Treason
2. Pipe Dream
3. Born
4. Dark Matter
5. Waste Deep
6. Loaded With Power
7. Human Ailment
Sent in by the band.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Massachusetts Is A Coffin Compilation

Year: 2011
1. Abomination-Bringer Of Death
2. Alert-Be Heard
3. Beartrap-Nailed Shut
4. The Bonus Army-Negative Outlooks
5. The Carrier-Blind To What Is Right
6. Coke Fiend-Animal House
7. Colin Of Arabia-Amber Waves Of Pain
8. The Culture Sound-Wasteland
9. Darkwoods-Dread (ft.Pat Flynn)
10. Death Before Dishonor-Coffin Nail
11. Dirt Nap-Death March
12. Dirty Work-LS
13. Draize-Broken Teeth
14. Dry Heave-Union Street
15. For The Worse-Good Vs. Evil
16. Foxfires-Dead Weight
17. Fratricide-Nazi Smash
18. Immolate-No Way Out
19. Lifeloss-There Is No Bright Side
20. Los Bungolitos-On Top
21. Maniac-Reborn Heathen
22. Matahari-Never The Same
23. Mountain Man-Trends
24. New Lows-Raise The Curtain(Jerry's Kids)
25. New Reality-The Boy Who Didn't Matter
26. Outrage-Sold Souls
27. Poor Sport-Forging The Sword
28. Powerwolves-The Chaos You've Made
29. Reckless-Suicide King
30. Revenge-Manifest Destiny
31. Streetsweeper-White Hats (ft. Phillain)
32. Roadrunner-Valley Scum
33. Think Straight-Moloch (ft. Jordan of Reckless)
34. Think Again-The Feast
35. Villain-Noose Ends
36. Watchfire-Blood Money
37. Wolf Whistle-Shelf Dreams

Young And In The Way


Cloven Hoof

Awesome blackened hardcore from North Carolina, reminds me of a more metallic Cursed. Their 3 EP's can be downloaded above. Definitely see big things in the future for this band. Thanks to Perception Through Dissonance for the original high quality links to these.

Bad Brains- Rock For Light

Year: 1983
1. Big Takeover
2. Attitude
3. Right Brigade
4. Joshuas Song
5. I and I Survive
6. Banned in D.C.
7. Supertouch
8. Destroy Babylon
9. F.V.K.
10. The Meek
11. I
12. Coptic Times
13. Sailin on
14. Rock for Light
15. Rally Round Jah Throne
16. At the Movies
17. Riot Squad
18. How Low Can A Punk Get
19. We Will Not
20. Jam
Obligatory "Must Have Record" Post.

Rainfest- Full Lineup

The 5th annual RAIN FEST will take place May 27, 28, and 29 at NEUMOS in Seattle, Wa.
SIXES (last show)

This year we are excited to partner with our friends PANIC RECORDS. Friday will be the first annual Panic Records Showcase featuring bands from the Panic Family. More details will follow as our full lineup is announced.

About the Venue:

925 E. Pike St.
Seattle, WA 98122

With the Viaduct closing down we had to find a new spot to host Rain Fest 2011. We discussed many options and Neumos came out on top by a long shot. There will be all ages re-entry UNTIL 9PM, after that time there will be only re-entry for those 21+. If any of you were at or have watched the Trial DVD from 2005 then you will know what Neumos is like. Neumos is in the heart of Capital Hill, great location, great venue. We couldn’t be happier about this venue hosting Rain Fest. Be respectful to everyone working. Don’t be shitheads and fuck up a good thing!

The DVD from last year is being worked on. It is a process and will take some time so just be patient and bear with us. A trailer will be online very soon.

RAIN FEST IS SOLD OUT. WE WILL NOT BE SELLING ANYMORE TICKETS. Thank you to everyone who bought tickets and is going to be at Rain Fest. To anyone who didn't get tickets we are sorry but we had a limited number we could sell to.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Rampage - Limit Of Destruction

Year: 2007
1. Best Enemy
2. Ox Must Plow
3. Goin Ape
4. Unprepared
5. Physical Therapy
6. Geekin Out
7. L.O.D
8. Homeless
9. Smart Too Slow
10. Lesser Men Would Crumble
11. Bitch Pleaza
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Rampage - Heads In A Vice

Year: 2006
1. Cave Bear
2. Make It Right
3. Heads In A Vice
4. Lean And Mean
5. Buzz Kill
6. Get Serious
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wreck- Demo + Two New Songs

Year: 2010/2011
Demo Tracklist:
1. Neglect
2. Manipulator
3. Prima Donna
4. Bad Blood
New Tracks:
1. Cold Blood
2. Self Inflicted

Feeding Lies- Self Titled EP

Year: 2011
1. Lower Than Life
2. Paper Thin
3. Justified
4. World of Hate
Sent in by the band.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Condemned- Vicious Reality

Year: 2011
1. Vicious Reality
2. No Escape
4. No Sympathy
5. Trapped
6. Worn Thin
Link from Behemoth Skin. FFO: In Cold Blood, Killing Time, One Life Crew, Sheer Terror.

Pregnant- Self Titled LP

Year: 2010
1. Real Talk
2. Skin Display
3. Wormie
4. Help!
5. Toothache
6. Safe & Sound
7. Do You Feel It?
8. You Think
9. You Give It To Me
10. Wanna See My Gun?
Sent in by the Label.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We Are Canivores-Well Wisher

1.- (Intro)
2.Dead Trust
3.Going To Ruin
4.Roll On 4AM
5.Beckon The Tides

Get It Now

LP and only release I can find from this band. We Are Carnivores are a now split up post hardcore/screamo band from the UK, highly recommended FFO Comadre, Daniel Striped Tiger, and Kidcrash.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cro-Mags - The Age Of Quarrel (Remastered)

Year: 2011 (Originally released in 1986)
1. We Gotta Know
2. World Peace
3. Show You No Mercy
4. Malfunction
5. Street Justice
6. Survival Of The Streets
7. Seekers Of The Truth
8. It's The Limit
9. Hard Times
10. By Myself
11. Don't Tread On Me
12. Face The Facts
13. Do Unto Others
14. Life Of My Own
15. Signs Of The Times
16. You'd Be The Death Of Me (Demo)
17. When Push Comes To Shove (Demo)
18. Hard Times (Demo)
Re-mastered and featuring three previously unreleased demo tracks circa 1984.

VIT- --

1.The Ardour Of Saints
3.The Ascension Ritual
4.Perennial Collapse
5.Puritan Ossuary
6.- -

Get It Now

Another amazing self released album from 2010, and much like their recent touring mates Vestiges, VIT play a progressive form of sludge/black metal/post rock.

49 Morphines-Partial Eclipse

1.Oblivion Past(Episode)
2.Running On Empty
3.God's Betrayal
4.Few Days Ago
5.Few Days Later
6.Broken Fist
7.The Final Note
8.And This One
9.Heart Of Despair
10.The Moonlight Dance
11.??? ????? (Edge of Chaos)

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Just had a friend send me this album and was completely blown away. 49 Morphines are an amazing chaotic hardcore/screamo/post hardcore band from Korea.

Globe And Beast- Life And Times

Align Center
1.Life And Times
2.Ode To Gregor
3.The Hand That Leads
4.Ripping And Tearing
5.This House Is Colder Then You Think
6.Denied By Vengeance
7.Viced And Entombed
8.Give And Fall

Get It Now

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Globe And Beast are an extremely heavy chaotic hardcore band from California, and this is their debut LP. Fans of Bastions, Converge and Curl Up And Die should definitely give this a listen immediately. If you dig this release and want to donate some money to the band, head over to their bandcamp via the "buy it" link.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Power- Self Titled

Year: 2009
1. Animal / XXX
2. Last Time
3. The Wind
4. Y.T.I.D.
America's favorite boy band.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Defeater- Dear Father EP

Year: 2011
1. Dear Father
2. I Don't Mind
Thanks to "deadxweight" for the link.


Year: 2011
1. Confront
2. Exhume
3. Failure and Worship
4. The Rider
Sent in by the band.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Beautiful Ones- Demo

Year: 2011
1. Too Beautiful
2. Truth Hurts
3. Old News, Same Blues
4. Absolute Minds
Super impressed with this demo, check it out ASAP.

Crowbar- Sever the Wicked Hand

Year: 2011
1. Isolation (Desperation)
2. Sever The Wicked Hand
3. Liquid Sky And Cold Black Earth
4. Let Me Mourn
5. The Cemetary Angels
6. As I Become One
7. A Farewell To Misery
8. Protectors Of The Shrine
9. I Only Deal In Truth
10. Echo An Eternity
11. Cleanse Me, Heal Me
12. Symbiosis
This is a V2 VBR scene release, sounds MUCH better than the original leak of the album. Link from Behemoth Skin

Sugartown Cabaret-Beyond Foams

1.The Tides
2.Nothing Is Mine
3.Feeling Thrilled With The Guests
4.Hazard Lights
5.A Tower
6.However Hard

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Incredible new LP from French screamo/post hardcore band Sugartown Cabaret, which features ex members of Amanda Woodward and Aussitôt Mort. Recommended for fans of those bands as well as Native. Thanks to Elementaryrevolt for the original link.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Skarhead- Kickin' It Oldschool

Year: 2011
1. Skarhead
2. Punk Rock Fantasy
3. Scarred Love
4. City Of Sleaze
5. Hardcore
6. Game Over
7. 3140
8. NY Crime
9. We Love
10. Hardcore (Remix)
11. City Of Sleaze (Live)

Animal Skins- A EP

Year: 2011
1. Monument
2. Antelope
3. Anne
4. Pt. 2
5. Luck
Sent in by the band.