Monday, January 10, 2011

Wayne Kong (Grave Maker) Interview

First off, introduce yourself to the people of the world:
What's up fucked up earth, my name’s Wayne Kong and I play drums for a band called Grave Maker.

Can you give our readers a description of your band?
Grave Maker is a hardcore band from the North West.

What is the extent of the Grave Maker discography at this point?
So far, we have put out a demo 7 inch, an EP & 2 LPs

Besides GM what other bands have you been involved with?
I play in a street punkish hardcore band called Poverty Bay Saints. I'm also currently working on an alternative country/Americana rock & roll project with some friends, and a new straight edge band with Chris Williams (Champion) and done other NW straight edge heads.

Have any of your other projects been “big” per say?
Nope, but you never know what will happen with new endeavors.

Grave Maker recently released an LP on Victory Records, how did that whole thing come to the table?
We worked our asses off trying to make the best hardcore record we could and we made something we are all very proud of and we shopped it around a lot and Victory took a huge interest in it, considering their roster of older hardcore bands, it was tight to be able to be seen in the same light by the people that put out those milestone hardcore records.

You guys played Sound And Fury this past year, how did that go?
Sound & Fury was pretty cool, a little weird, but fests can be like that. It was something I personally aspired to play, and was so stoked to get invited to play last year.

Being on Victory you have the label running “Anti-Piracy” ads with Gilbert Gottfried, what was you initial reaction to viewing this video since you guys are known for sharing your music with the public?
I think Gilbert Gottfried is hilarious. I think the view expressed in that video is a valid one. It’s a catch 22 for me though, as a dude in a band, I put everything I have into this band. We have all worked far harder at this than anything else we have ever done. It’s really hard to express the full extent of the hard work and love we pour into Grave Maker. That hard work translates into the music we make for our records, and we are supposed to sell the records to recoup the time/effort/energy/love spent on the band, so it makes sense to me
that Gilbert Gottfried has our back, I’m flattered, that’s tight! He is trying to encourage kids to support the musicians that put so much of themselves into making those $10 disks. BUT!!! The flip side of that is, we are not doing this to make money. The final end to the effort, love and energy put into this band is to create music we enjoy playing and can be proud of. If anyone is interested in hearing what we have created and what we have to say, that to me is payment enough. I also truly believe that if a kid downloads our record for free, likes it, and comes to a show, that’s worth it right there for me. If a kid downloads it and he thinks it sucks, hopefully he starts his own band and makes music he thinks is worth the effort. We just want any one who is interested to be able to access our music.

As a band what are your plans for the coming year? 
We are touring the NW with Naysayer in late January. Starting February we are hitting the West Coast with Parkway Drive, Set Your Goals, The Ghost Inside and The Warriors then heading to the Midwest and eastern Canada with Wisdom In Chains, Backtrack and Expire. Then making our way back home through Canada. April we go to Europe with Comeback Kid, The Ghost Inside and some others. We have also slowing been starting to write for our next record.

Any hopes onto playing a fest or two again this year?
We have one fest for sure lined up, we will see if we get asked to play any others haha.

What releases (if any) are you looking forward to this year?
Honestly, I can’t wait for The Sounds new record Something To Die For to come out. Fuck, i love that band. as far as some new core goes though I loved Mother Of Mercy's III and they just released that track off their new record, I’m definitely looking forward to that, i know its going to be a ripper.

Any other comments and/or shout out?
There is a new NW band called Dead Weight and they are so dope. Members of Champion, Sinking Ships, Ill Intent, Lahar and Sojourner.

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