Friday, January 28, 2011

Most Precious Blood-Do Not Resuscitate

1.A Danger To Myself And Others
2.Shut The Fuck Up, Jailbreak
3.Meth Mites
4.Blame It On Altered Beast
5.Stuart Is A Dead Man Walking
6.Upstate Ghost
7.Enthusiastic Eugenicist
8.Functual Autist
9.Graveyard Postcards
10.Of Scattered Ants That Swarm Together
11.Animal Mother
12.Do Not Resuscitate

Get It Now (New 320 link, thanks to "Jim" in the chatbox)
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Finally, after years of being shelved, the new Most Precious Blood album has dropped. Some of the finest metallic hardcore NYC has to offer. If you dig this, please support this band and buy a copy of the record at the link above.