Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stay Hungry- Against the wall LP (Promo)

Year: 2010
1. Against the wall
2. Dedication
3. Something must be done
4. Loose ends
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Sent in by the band. Four song promo for the band's upcoming LP "Against The Wall" that they are releasing themselves along with two friends over at Green Menace Records and Get This Right Records.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Brooksite - The Reclaim EP

Year: 2009
1. Unleash
2. Destiny
3. Sorry Sari
4. Be Real
5. Gunner (feat. Steve from Wolverine)

One of my favorite bands.
FFO: Unit 731 and Vow Of Hatred

Monday, October 25, 2010

Give- Boots of Faith 7"

Year: 2010
1. Boots of Faith
2. Going Confetti
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Requested. Sent over by the band.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Enough Said- Placentia Demo 2010

No Website
Year: 2010
1. Stagnant Ways
2. Hip
3. Fuck Off
4. Let Go
5. No Excuses
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Sent in by a friend of the band. New band from Placentia, CA.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Desensitized- Demo

Year: 2010
1. Tickin' Away
2. 1121
3. Vacuous
4. Bright Future Fading
5. Delusional World
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Sent in by the band.

Lapse- Demo

Year: 2010
1. Mouf
2. 25 Bones
3. Hc
4. I Was Sick
5. Eyes
6. 625
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Sent in by the band. FFO Crossed Out & Infest

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Steppin' Stone- Demo

Year: 2010
1. Jack Move
2. Feel The Fury
3. Bottomfeeder
4. Trip
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New band featuring members of Expire. FFO: Mental, Warzone, and Brett Favre's smooth & sensual text messages.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Burn Your Life Down- Demo

Year: 2010
1. A Touch Of Suffering
2. Pollock No. 7
3. Can't Take It With You
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Sent in by the band. Ex members of Time For Change, Restrained, Life Tyrant, Abandon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seasick- Imago/Gestalt (Discography)

Year: 2010
1. Monument (Ennui 7″)
2. Tracking the Truth (Enui 7″)
3. The Cold Tribunal of Experience (Ennui 7″)
4. Fail, Iterate (Ennui 7″)
5. Cosmopolitan Convergence (Collection 12″)
6. Fallacies (Ouroboros 12″ EP)
7. Leviathan (Ouroboros 12″ EP)
8. Collapse (Ouroboros 12″ EP)
9. Garden of Failures (Ouroboros 12″ EP)
10. Skeptic Threat (Ouroboros 12″ EP)
11. The Problem of God’s Evil (Ouroboros 12″ EP)
12. Ad Nauseam (Right to Assemble Volume 2 12″)
13. Intro(spection) (split 7″ with ANS)
14. Veritistic Value (split 7″ with ANS)
15. Setting the Straw Man Ablaze (split 7″ with ANS)
16. Myths of the American Meritocracy (Awakenings 10″/CD)
17. Illusions, Michael (Awakenings 10″/CD)
18. Awakenings (Awakenings 10″/CD)
19. Cog in the Causal Machinery (Awakenings 10″/CD)
20. Horizon (Awakenings 10″/CD)
21. Understanding Sentience (Awakenings 10″/CD)
22. Ashes, Ruins, Forward Sails (Awakenings 10″/CD)
23. Wage Slavery or Starvation (Split 7″ w/ Don’t Wake Up)
24. Pressure Valves (Split 7″ w/ Don’t Wake Up)
25. You, Yourself (Split 7″ w/ Don’t Wake Up)
26. Complacency is Compliance (Split 7″ w/ Don’t Wake Up)
27. Weekend (Split 7″ w/ Don’t Wake Up)
28. Behind This Tongue by Infest (Ouroboros 12″ EP download only track)
29. Wound Up by Black Flag (Collection 12″)
30. Regulator by Bad Brains (Previously unreleased)
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Sent in by the band. This is their Japanese tour discography CD, it includes nearly everything the band did prior to the newest LP.

Livid- Demo

Year: 2010
1. The Other Side
2. Hourglass
3. Burn
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Sent in by a friend of the band.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Vestiges-The Descent Of Man


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Saw this band's post on a message board last night and checked this out, absolutely blown away by this release! Fans of Fall Of Efrafa take note, this full length is a monster combining elements of hardcore, crust punk, black metal and post rock. This is a direct link from the band, check out their website and shoot them an email if you are interested in purchasing the record when they release it (limited to 300 DIY cd's and 300 Double LPs).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hordes- Demo

Year: 2010
1. Alucarda
2. Solace
3. Pitiful Existence
4. 1070
5. Columbidae
6. Body of Stone
7. Essence of Turmoi
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New band from Southern California, check it out!

Poverty Bay Saints- Demo + S/T EP

Year(s): 2007/2008
Demo Tracklist:
1. Just Kill Me
2. A Hero Of Our Time
3. Dairy Of A Madman
4. Dead Souls
5. Notes From The Underground
Self Titled Tracklist:
1. Bent Prop
2. Tremors
3. The Plutonian Fire
4. Pendulum
5. Innisfree
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Sent in by the band.

Upsets- Hate In Me (Demo)

Year: 2010
1. Lowest Common Denominator
2. Pink Filth
3. Satellite Pyramid
4. Striking on Life
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Sent in by the band.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rebarker/Unrestrained- Split

Rebarker Myspace/Unrestrained Myspace
Year: 2010
1. Rebarker- Fuck the World
2. Rebarker- Monotonie
3. Rebarker- Apathy
4. Rebarker- Deprivation
5. Rebarker- Million Times Before
6. Rebarker- Basel
7. Unrestrained- Pannido Firestorm
8. Unrestrained- A Burden's Weight
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Phantoms - As Above So Below

Year: 2010
1. The Ghost
2. The Death Of
3. Bad Vibrations
4. And The Way Was Paved With Dirt
5. As Above, So Below
6. Eye Of The Storm
7. Cursed Earth
8. The Darkness
9. Of Plague And Pesitlence
10. Born Under A Bad Sign
11. Bottom Of The Harbour
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