Friday, January 1, 2010

Faction- Collection 82-85

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Track List:
1.Tounge Like a Battering Ram
2.Friends and Enemies
3.The Kids Are the Future
4.Dark Room
5.Being Watched
6.Corpes In Disguise
7.Let's Go Get Cokes
8.Why Save the Whales
9.Yesterday Is Gone
10.100 Years War
11.I Decide for Me
12.Fast Food Diet
13.California Dreamin'
14.Lost In Space
15.Room 101
16.Skate & Destroy
18.Boredom Awaits
19.Your Generation
20.Not Mine
21.Bullets Are Faster Than Words
22.Since I Was a Kid
23.Pegged for Life
24.Skate Harassment
25.Spineless Majority
26.Beyond the Mirror
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