Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bad Antics - 2009 tour CDR

1. Boredom
2. Do Some Time
3. On My Way
4. Today
5. She Devil
6. Get In Where You Fit In
7. DUI Suicide
8. Negative
9. We Need A Change

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Illustrations - Bottle Rocket split

Bottle Rocket
02. Changes
03. What You've Done
04. Digging for the Truth
05. Regret
06. Untitled #1 (For Judas Iscariot)
07. Untitled #2 (For Shameless Bodies)
08. Untitled #3 (For First Loves)
this is a free ep. however there will be physical copies soon.
for now go to their shows.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Die Young-Graven Images

1.Making A Killing
2.The Story Of Our Lives
3.Fuck The Imperialists
4.To Forget Civilization
5.Graven Images
6.Your Trusted Friends
7.Distant Memories
8.Lonely At The Top
9.Ghost Towns
10.The Dying Atheist
11.Reiteration (The Message)

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Words-Cult Of Gold


2.Hollywood Boulevard
3.Brave New World
4.Punk Rock In The Wrong Hands
5.Lost At Sea
7.Suicide Nation
8.Desperate Streets
9.Same Mistakes
10.Cult Of Gold

I have been waiting a long time to hear this, finally found it online. Words are a now defunct hardcore band from Canada, this is their full length Cult Of Gold. Fans of American Nightmare, Suicide File, and Cursed will definitely want to give this a shot.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Night Fever-New Blood

1.Better Off Dead
3.New Blood
4.Nuclear War
5.Still Kicking
6.This Is Copenhagen
7.Twilight Zone

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prevenge - It Happens all the Time

It happens all the time
01.the pills
02.half to black
03.not this time
04.full retreat
05.un p'tit laid
06.one day at a time
07.sense of blood
08.the end

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bleeding Kansas

Bleeding Kansas
split with La Mantra De Fhiqria
there is a new split with Cathedrals
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Mountain Asleep / Antilles split

Mountain Asleep
01. Mountain Asleep - Leaky Sinks
02. Mountain Asleep - Gasp Gasp
03. Mountain Asleep - Portrait
04. Antilles - Capsized
05. Antilles - Said and Done
Copies are available from Brightskull
for $4ppd ($4.50 through paypal to info@brightskull.com)

Casting Curses

Casting Curses
Get Center
01. Return to Coney Island
02. Second Coming
03. Start from Scratch
04. Head on Backwards
05. Sidewalk Confessions
06. Hello Old Friend

Streetsweeper - Demo

01. Exterior Uses
02. Scum Runner
03. Streetsweeper
04. Rubber Neck

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fight Pretty - Rewiring the Human Body

Fight Pretty
Rewiring the Human Body
01. us and truckers (big city nights)
02. tradition burner
03. gina and deb 1967
04. child bearing hips
05. bad sex
06. art abuse
07. girl named after a flower
08. kurt cobain's not dead
09. giallo
10. whiskey and cigarettes

Undertaker - Heaven's Home, Hell's Sanctuary

Heaven's Home, Hell's Sanctuary
01. Through Trials
02. Lure
03. Angry Child
04. Ghost
05. Dissolve
06. Prayers Answered
newer ATL HC

Colony - Demo

01. I
02. II Leech
03. III Numb
04. IV Deserter
Shit is Badass!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


1.Monument/Tracking The Truth
2.The Cold Tribunal Of Experience
3.Fail, Iterate
4.Regulator(Bad Brains cover)

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1.Myths of the American Meritocracy, Pt. 1
2.Illusions, Michael
4.Cog In the Causal Machinery
6.Understanding Sentience
7.Ashes, Ruins, Forward Sails

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4.Garden Of Failures
5.Skeptic Threat
6.The Problem Of God's Evil
7.Behind This Tongue (Infest cover)

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Hexes- White Noise/Black Sound

1. Semaphore Kids
2. Eye's Like Knives
3. Sirhan Sirhan Sirhan
4. Curse The Rotten
5. Carrion Abroad
6. Hey Drama
7. The Score
8. Kiss The Guns
9. Lipgloss Ghosts
10. Hot Ice/Punishment Soiree
11. The New Immediatists
12. The Invisible War
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Not the greatest band in the world, but one of you folks will probably dig it.

Daggers-Along The Acheron

1.Animated Bones
2.Dirty Minutes
3.I Owe You Nothing
4.Kv 77: <<>>
5.Dragged Down
6.Last Debt
7.Mercenary Masses
8.Charon's Path
10.Ashes and Dust
11.Kv 88: << Finale Doloroso
12.Fuckin Filled
13.Insel Der Toten

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Thanks To Pat

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Iron Chic

Daggers-Daggers EP

1.Understatement Of The Year
3.Sharks And Hearts
4.Fucking Empty
5.Nameless Old Bones
6.Duck Taped Memories

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Thanks to "Van2"

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ashes And Iron - Silens

1. Black Pavilions
2. Khorkhoi
3. Silens

Murder Practice- Prophecies Of Doom

1. House Of Gluttony
2. The Big Easy
3. Crooked Suit
4. Reckless
5. Brain Drain
6. Crushing Bones
7. Ceremony Of Degradation
8. The Oldest Lie Ever Told
9. Last Words
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cut The Shit - Live At Lintfabriek 2004

Cut The Shit - Marked For Life

1. Up All Night
2. Shock and Awe
3. Laugh it Off
4. Knife in the Water
5. Marked for Life
6. Doctor, Martyr
7. No Resolve
8. Pressure
9. Not Enough
10. Your Rights, Their Laws
11. Losing Battle
12. Gotta Get a Grip

Cut The Shit - Shut Up And Play

1. I Officially Have No Idea What The Kids Want
2. Relax & Have A Drink
3. Drugstore Dependency
4. Flash In the Pan
5. My Hands Around Your Birdneck

Cut The Shit - Harmed And Dangerous

1. You're the Problem
2. I Went Away to Art College
3. Cut the Bullshit
4. Take My Pain Away
5. From Bad to Worse
6. Pushed Too Far
7. Harmed and Dangerous
8. No Control
9. Boston Cops
10. No Way Out
11. Scumlord
12. No Integrity
13. Love Is a Lie
14. Apart
15. Your Night to an End!
16. Dead World
18. I Can't Cope

Cut The Shit - Bored To Death

1. I Do It To Myself
2. Burn the Dance Clubs
3. The Party's Over
4. Bored To Death
5. Take Back Your Life
6. Get Rowdy
7. Life Of Misery
8. At What Compromise
9. Crooked Teeth
10. I Hate Fashion

Cut The Shit - Demo

1. Get Rowdy
2. Life Of Misery
3. At What Compromise
4. We Are Not Friends
5. Down The Hatch

Cops And Robbers - Execution Style

1. On The Decline
2. Martyr Complex
3. Last Laugh
4. Force Fed
5. Execution Style
6. Your Worst Nightmare

The Requiem - Time Is Never On Our Side

1. The Three Graces
2. Hearts & Dust
3. Misery Meets A Soulmate
4. What We Do Is Secret
5. Six Feet Deep And Falling
6. If The Spirits Are Willing
7. Out Of My Cold Dead Hands
8. Forms Of Heaven
9. Green Eyes And A Pretty Smile
10. The Dying Days Of Summer
11. Of Empty Promises And Goodbyes
12. Sorry It Had To End Like This
13. Friendly Fire
14. The Ghostly Sweet Taste Of Freedom
15. Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of Salvation
16. The Fine Art Of Cinematics
17. Trading Knives For Guns
18. Six Feet Deep And Falling
19. The Three Graces
20. Misery Meets A Soulmate
21. What We Do Is Secret
22. If The Spirits Are Willing

Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting - Discography

(Demo 2003)
1. Into This World With Two Clenched Fists
2. Shelter For A Place To Die
3. Left To Die Alone
4. End It
5. You've Crossed The Line

(Pedal To The Metal Demo)
1. Were Not Dead Yet
2. Out For Blood
3. Whatever Puts You To Sleep At Night
4. For Better Or Worse

(Beating A Dead Horse)
1. Dead By Dawn
2. Into This World With Two Clenched Fists
3. Burn Your Bridges
4. Make It Count
5. White Minority (Black Flag)
6. Burn In Hell With The Rest Of Us
7. Were Not Dead Yet
8. Out For Blood
9. Whatever Puts You To Sleep At Night
10. I Can Live The Pain
11. For Better For Worse

1. Burn Your Bridges / Make It Count
2. I Can Live The Pain
3. Untitled

Step On It - Speak For Yourself

1. Nothing New
2. Your Big Mouth
3. As Good As Dead
4. Slow Down Nerdulous
5. Marvel At the Way We Change Time
6. Ropebreak
7. Goofy Mosh
8. We All We Got
(Dub On It! Bonus Track)

Rotting Out (St.louis) - Demo

1. Dead man
2. Get Away
3. Liar For Hire
4. Nuisance
5. You May Be A Jokey But You Look Like A Horses Ass
This Band Featured Current Members of Nothing To Nothing & Cardiac Arrest

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wreak Havoc!- Self Titled

1. Gloomy Days Of Our Down Trodden Youth
2. My Career Path of Ashes
3. Doomed Soulless and Shipwrecked
4. New Kings of Dead Towns
5. When Friendship Turns To Competition
6. Your Series of Death Sentences

Bone Dance - I have lived like an animal but i will die like an angel

Bone Dance
I have lived like an animal but I will die like an angel
01. No sun
02. Apolonio
03. Black Tongues
04. Dead End Rendezvous
05. Ghosts
06. Felix Wolfe
07. Your Kind Eat the Young
08. Nom De Guerre
09. David
10. ...And They Had it All
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sohns- Eating Death Mountain

1. Fuck Policy
2. A Convocation Of Marksmen
3. We Don't Use Neon
4. Eating Death Mountain
5. Praise The Xenolith


These Needles - Demo 2009 Cassette

These Needles
01. Abductor
02. Cover to Cover
03. Another Night's Dread
04. Indebted
05. The Demand For him
06. When Condsumption assumes Disposition
07. Gutted
08. Labored Breathing
and if you like it go to a show and pick it up.

CUT IT OUT!- Bring On The Hate

1. Bring On The Hate
2. Inpatient Outpatient
3. Weeded Out
4. The Great American Nowhere Land
5. Demons!
6. Already Heard It
7. Lefty/Clockwork
8. Coming Down
9. Career Shit
10. Cemetery Things
11. I Want My Rockstars Dead
12. (Daytrippers)
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