Saturday, June 6, 2009


This site is for people to learn about new music or hear what their favorite bands new stuff sounds like. Without the support of us fans these bands wont be around much longer so that means PLEASE go out and support the bands you like by buying a record, a t-shirt, or going to one of their shows when they play in your neck of the woods.

A good chunk of the new record leaks come from scene groups like GRAVEWISH, FiH, FNT, hXc, pLAN9, and others.

Any band or label that wants me to take down a link my posters or myself have put up just say so in the Cbox or in an email and we will gladly remove it. Please do this before reporting our stuff to Blogger or Mediafire.

If you are in a band and would like me to post up your demo, EP, LP, and whatnot feel free to EMAIL me or IM me on AIM @ Toxicbreed90 with a link to your myspace/lastfm/website, a working mediafire link, and a tracklist. Make sure you let me know in the chatbox when you send it to my email.

Toxicbreed & Co.
Also, none of the music posted here is hosted from this blog it is hosted by sites like Mediafire, Megaupload and Zshare. So if and when you want me to take a link down I will delete the post and link completely.